Unlike in olden days when tutoring was preserved for the wealthy in society, today there are many people opting for home schooling and tutoring. This has increased the number of tutors available and many people have trouble acquiring the best tutors for their needs
Many learners do not like math as a subject and this is because of the fact that they do not perform well in the subject. Being a methodological subject, there is need for the learners to get practical demonstrations that they can relate to so that they can understand and like the subject. There is also need for the teachers to pay more attention to each student during math. However, with such large numbers of students and much pressure on teachers, there is little they can do in order to concentrate maximally on each student.
This calls for the need of a math tutor to help out a child solve his problem in math.
Apart from identifying the weak areas of a learner, a math tutor can easily help the learner to work through the solutions and processes in math in addition to helping them prepare for tests and revising difficult topics. This gradually improves the learner’s perception and attitude towards the subject.
In order for math tutoring to be effective, the parent must acquire a highly qualified math tutor for the child. The tutor must have experience in improving performance among other learners, and if possible this should be backed with evidence. The tutor’s age is of great importance. This will largely depend on the learner’s ability and perception. If the child is very weak and has an extremely negative attitude toward math, the parent will need to hire an older and more experienced tutor who can deal with the child’s problems effectively. For the younger tutors, children and less weak learners are more appropriate. However, this is not statutory and may vary with different learners.
Choose The Best Math Tutor: Full Guide
When choosing a math tutor, it is also necessary to consider the rapport that they strike with the child. This subject requires a good relationship between the learner and the tutor because there are a lot of methodologies and practical areas which require the learner to work closely with the tutor.
The math tutor that one hires must be hardworking and creative. Most learners prefer visual analogies which they can relate to in order to learn math. This requires that the tutor be creative enough to use practical examples which help the learners to understand the logic reasoning required in math. Weak learners in most cases tend to have negative attitude toward the subject and this necessitates the math tutor to dedicate part of their time replacing the negative attitude with positivism as part of improvement.